Monday, March 30, 2009


OH YOU NEED TO CELEBRATE!!! WE ARE IN USCIS AND HAVE BEEN THEIR SINCE THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom just got off of the phone with Vivian, our case-worker in OR!!!!!! SOOOOO celebrate! Kids go have some mocktails or shirley temples and adults go have a drink!! yayayyayayayay I AM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED ONLY BOUT A MONTH! WOA hang on that meanz wow uh-oh!!! STILL YOU NEED TO CELEBRATE!! Oh and by the way Mom I am logged in on your comuter still so don't try to leave a comment! LOL!! Ok gotta go celebrate YAYA!! ok BYE!! (CELEBRATE)!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


YEP THAT IS RIGHT!! Both boys have passports and will be onto USCIS! YAY! Not much left only about a month until we travel to get them. SO about end of April beginning of May! YAY! I am sooo happy! I was kinda POed when Mom said a month ago they would be coming home on my b-day :( !!! But now it will be LATER! WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO THEY ARE COMING ON HOME TO ME MADDIE AND MOM AND TOM AND DAD!! Oh Thomas and I ARE going on the pick up trip which will be fun to see my brothers at their home! YAY!!!! I also need to put pics I can't have a post about them without their pictures!
Christmas time! Jerome

Richnigthder doing his own donkey trip to Jeremie!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Good day to you to sir! OUCH!! IT HURTS!

Hi Guys! So today we went to get our typhoid shots so we could go to Haiti when the time comes. This shot hurts sooo bad it makes a tetnus shot look like a walk in the park. Afterwards we went to wal-mart and got ice cream and cookies! YUMMMMM!

SO we have to take our mini into the vet's because she doesn't like to walk, because her feet hurt her so much! So today we are taking her in and we are going to see what is wrong. Hopefully she is fine. Ok well I have to go now and take some medicine for my shots but look at these pretty pictures of horses!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Late but not to Late

SO I just posted about the out of MOI and onto Passport Printing well......... RICHNIGHTDER IS OUT OF PASSPORT PRINTING!! SO as soon as his little brother is out of Passport Printing they will be onto USCIS which should take 30 seconds! I wrote a letter to the President and I am going to send it to him tomorrow and I am hoping that he will respond and will be able to help us. I also said that their are many other families in the process and wanting thier children home. I did not drop any names I just gave him the C4C site and I am hoping for it to help!! *APPLAUSE* THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH! So now (thanks to me) we might have some more speed their. Okay so now here are some pics of the boys:

This is Jerome with his sweet little glasses! Doesn't he look so handsome and like a little SCHOLAR!?

Jerome and Richnightder..... Jerome is happy..... And well RIchnightder I think is in a state of SHOCK!

OKay well that is all I have for today Talk to you later! OKAY CIAO!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

EXCITING NEWS!!!!!! YAY READ ON! \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

Hello! Today I am excited! As all of you may know our boys in Haiti need to come out of MOI. WELL THEY ARE!!! They came out well one came out 3 weeks before the other! We are SOOOO pumped! It is sooo awesome. I love it they will be home in no time! YAY!! Here are some pics of them:

Here is my cute little brother who is soo extremely funny and just came out of MOI... INTRODUCING : THE ONE , THE ONLY JEROME!!!

This is Jerome again being Rico Suave on his LADY!! He is sooo funny!

Richnightder playing with his bubbles at the orphanage! Isn't he so cute?

This is Richnightder posing for the camera! He has the best smile! :-)

SO as all of you know I have a playlist on here... but I was am on this site for home-schoolers and it is kinda religous so I can't have any fun songs like from Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Prince, and some of those other guys that have really cool songs. So I took my playlist off and now I am FREE to have those goood old songs! YAY!!!! Okay well better run Gotta go to Lenten curch service! BLUGH!!!