Monday, June 8, 2009

Hi (again)

Ok so the other day I told you I got braces June 3rd well I didn't. My brother did, I get mine July 21st.

In my last post i told you about the closet and boys well I have some pics now so here they are they are cute:

Jerome decided to not want a picture at all. He thought i was going to scare him!!!

I wish I had a pic on the computer

The other day I was walking through our entry way to the front door to grab somthing I had left by the door on our little bench there and boy was I in for a shock! There I was minding my own buisness and diggin through a bunch of stuff and all of the sudden the closet doors started to shake and move, I shot up and nearly had a heartattack and of course you couldnt hear anyone talking and I am ust scared to death at this point not knowing what to do and thinking "Should I go and grab that old baseball bat the boys found or the 2 by 4 in the garage?" and then just I decided it would be best to just do nothing the thing(s) jumped out on me.......... Turns out it was just the boys playing in the closet. I do not know exactly what was going through their minds when they climbed in there. I did take some pics of them and Thomas in the closet but hey at least we can say they finaly came out of the closet! Sometimes they are just sooo silly. I also took some pics of Jerome (Sammy) after he got out of the tub he was just soo jumpy it was worth taking a picture. He was standing in his room with only a towel around him screaming at the tod of his lungs FRET FRET FRET FRET FRET FRET FRET FRET!!!!!! For those of who don't know what FRET is, It is cold in creole. He was shivering but still soooo jumpy! He is hilarious. I also have a pic of ME:

June 6th: Snow and rain at one time and me not so happy about it.... considering I was supposed to be at the water park! YEA RIGHT!
Yup SNOW in the middle of summer!
But anyways the boys are fine and hate this loverly spring weather and everyone else is THRILLED that it snows in summer, cinsidering we just got off of a really harsh winter. Well better JET! Bye