Thursday, April 2, 2009

So like I said....

we took the horse out this morning to work with him. Last time we did this he walked over the tarp and let us drag the wally world bags all over his back and body. SO this time he did the same except for he would copy me, I would kinda paw the tarp so it made noise and then he would, I would walk over and he would to so we did this like 5 times and then we took his halter off to let him run and guess where he went? THE DOOR! He already was done and wanted to leave so we did. But I think he is making sweet, sweet progress with this already! YA! Hopefully he will do well in the rodeo! I just thought I would update you with that but now I have to go! TALK TO YOU LATER!! BYE!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If I could be anywhere it would be...

In the Caribbean on the beach sipping on a virgin margarita with sunglasses and a swimsuit on lounging around!

I soooo wish summer would come sooo much sooner I HATE WINTER! I wish it was warm and sunny and warm and fun! I can't wait to go to Haiti so it can be nice and sunny and WARM! YAY! When summer comes I will be outside 24/7 doing anything and everything!

So this summer I am going to try for the Miss Mandan Rodeo Princess '09! For that I need a horse which is okay with crowds and flags waving. My show horse, Tommy, is okay with crowds but not so much with flags and so we have to work with him and flags. Everyday we are trying to take him to the indoor riding arena and putting tarps and shaking Wal-mart bags at him and he is doing GREAT with that! He walked over the tarp and let us drag the bags on his back and body which for him is incredible for the fact that he is terrified of stuff like that so hopefully he will do great with me at the rodeo!

I love this horse but he has his disadvantages and this is one we are going to get on top of A.S.A.P. if that is even possible! He is a fabulous horse to rein on but other subjects (rodeos) he is not so perfect he is like on a 1 to 10 scale a 2 which is horrible! Luckily it is a work in progress! Tomorrow, early in the morning, I'll go back to working with Tommy, so I have to go to bed so I am AWAKE!! Talk to you later! BYE!