Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today and Pics!! YAY!!

Hi guys!! (When I first typed that I put a question mark?) So today I have been acting like well really weird. So this morning I started school and did that fine until I realized the sun was really bright coming through the windows. So the fool I have been being today ran and got my swim suit and my sun bathing stuff on and laid in the reclining chair and sun bathed... about an hour later I realized that the sun had moved so I had to too. So about two hours later I realized nothing was happening! soo... I went on the computer and can't spell anything! Now I want to (finally) post some pics (Now let's see how that goes/went?!)

This is Carlos or as I call him in this picture... RICO SUAVE!!!! He is such a clown sometimes!

This is Carlos's little brother Gucci... yes like the designer. I don't quite know at what he was looking!?

So the little small window there is my bedroom window that is how much snow we have!!

HEY LOOOK!! A dirt path NOT man-made! (no seriously it isn't man-made!!)

Lucki my horse - 2 Christmas's ago!!

Tommy Mom's horse - Also 2 Cristmas's ago!

Josh my brother's horse - YOU can guess when the picture was taken!!

Last but not least Hondo Dad's horse - Guess!!

Ok well those are all the pics for now bye!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Adoption OMG and WOW!!

Hi Guys! It is me again...(OF COURSE!) Today a lot has happened and what I mean by a lot is A LOT! The day started with school and I did all of my work YAY! What I am doing in, Composition, is making newspaper articles and newspapers, along with TV news stories. At my birthday party (for example) we are going to make a small movie and hopefully that will not take long at all!

The reason the title is 'Adoption OMG and WOW!!' is because mom got an email syaing go to the adoption family forum. Now with our adoption agency mom and dad get a forum along with all the other families that they can post on about anything and everything. So anyways she went to the forum to find a post saying that a family on their is un-adopting their little boy they just got home from Haiti. The reason they are un-adoptiong him is because he has Hep B. Both mom and I think it is just CRUEL to un-adopt because of a disease. Mom also said no matter what sickening disease or if any of us turn out to be like you know "bad" (e.g. Murderers or in jail) she would never ever un-adopt any of us for any circumstance. I think its wrong and nasty and bad to do what she has chosen to done. It is one thing to decide to un-adopt your child but to take him away from his brother and sister also from Haiti! She also is giving him to a family from church, instead of asking if any of us on the forum would take him, Mom said she would had of happily taken him with no problem what-so-ever. Anyways mom and are so mad we are sick it is DISGUSTING to do that. Well I better get going so talk to you later.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Hi Guys! I just wanted to say sorry about that...The font color and not being able to read the blog! I changed it to a lime green so it stands OUT! I did that because it looks a lot better and you can read it! Okay so enough about the font color and on to an idea. I was thinking that you could give me some things that are going on in your world. I could somehow put it into a post about everyone, it was an idea of Mom and I's. SO to tell you about me right now... Nothing much has happened lately... other than our really good neighbor/friend found a house 40 miles away and is moving in March... She will be missed but at least we can see her. Well mom just made some pizza and we have to go and eat. I will post tomorrow! Talk to you later!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Today's events and other things

Hi everyone! I wanted to fill you in with what happened today and little bit of other things. Today is presidents day as most of you already know, but you all probably had the day off... except me. I had a little bit of school and it is already over. I am reading the book Anne of Green Gables I love the book except for the extremely long chapters! :p I am already up to I think chapter 20.
Something else I want to tell you is about a really good friend of mine Miranda. She and I have known each other for a long long time. The way we met is weird but oh well. She and I have been through a lot of fights but yet we still are BFF's. She VOLUNTEERED to write me an email so I could put it in this post, in fact this post was all her idea! Here is exactly what she said: (I copied and pasted it!)

OK so there's this girl and she means a lot to me! We met I kinda of a weird way.. but I don't care because she's the BOMB! I really don't know where I would be without her in my life! She's been with me through a lot, and she is AMAZING! We fight a lot but I think that just shows how much we care for each other! Not only is she AMAZING, but so is her family! Wow her mom is just as amazing as her! Her dad is HILARIOUS! TOM! WOW what else is there to say?! He's my little buddy! Plus I CAN NOT WAIT to meet her new little brothers: Richnighdter and Jerome! This girl and her family are my sunshine on a cloudy day, the chocolate to my cookie, the sugar to my spice, and the apple of my eye! I love her SO much! She is: Madison!

Miranda is really cool! She is the nicest person in the world. I can trust her and not worry about anything. She is the only friend my mom will let me run off in a store/mall and she doesn't have to worry if we make a last minute trip to Starbucks. We don't have to check in with her or anything! I love Miranda! SHE IS THE BEST FRIEND A GIRL COULD HAVE!

I also want to update you on the homecoming of our two boys from Haiti. The other day Richnightder's file came out of MOI, and is on the way to passport printing. ( If you want to learn about this stuff go to that is my moms blog) Jerome's file will hopefully be onto passport printing and out of MOI soon. Richnighder and Jerome will probably be ready to come home in at least 2 months! Well That is all for today and I have to go because I am going to a friends house soon(hint hint she is in this post!) Well talk to you later! CIAO!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Welcome to Maddie's Mocha Talk

Hi! This is my new blog and I want to tell you about what will be in it. The point of my blog is to tell you about what goes on in my life, like my school and the process in which we are bringing home two boys from Haiti........... My new brothers Richnightder and Jerome. I am also home-schooled and will be telling you what I do in a day. After school I will be able to update it so everyday look for a new post (hopefully)! I will tell you what I do and what subjects I have. Also this blog is to help me produce my writings (compositions) and make them much better.