Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Adoption OMG and WOW!!

Hi Guys! It is me again...(OF COURSE!) Today a lot has happened and what I mean by a lot is A LOT! The day started with school and I did all of my work YAY! What I am doing in, Composition, is making newspaper articles and newspapers, along with TV news stories. At my birthday party (for example) we are going to make a small movie and hopefully that will not take long at all!

The reason the title is 'Adoption OMG and WOW!!' is because mom got an email syaing go to the adoption family forum. Now with our adoption agency mom and dad get a forum along with all the other families that they can post on about anything and everything. So anyways she went to the forum to find a post saying that a family on their is un-adopting their little boy they just got home from Haiti. The reason they are un-adoptiong him is because he has Hep B. Both mom and I think it is just CRUEL to un-adopt because of a disease. Mom also said no matter what sickening disease or if any of us turn out to be like you know "bad" (e.g. Murderers or in jail) she would never ever un-adopt any of us for any circumstance. I think its wrong and nasty and bad to do what she has chosen to done. It is one thing to decide to un-adopt your child but to take him away from his brother and sister also from Haiti! She also is giving him to a family from church, instead of asking if any of us on the forum would take him, Mom said she would had of happily taken him with no problem what-so-ever. Anyways mom and are so mad we are sick it is DISGUSTING to do that. Well I better get going so talk to you later.

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Secret Agent said...

That is so wrong!!! The boy must be incredibly heartbroken that he was rejected that way.