Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today and Pics!! YAY!!

Hi guys!! (When I first typed that I put a question mark?) So today I have been acting like well really weird. So this morning I started school and did that fine until I realized the sun was really bright coming through the windows. So the fool I have been being today ran and got my swim suit and my sun bathing stuff on and laid in the reclining chair and sun bathed... about an hour later I realized that the sun had moved so I had to too. So about two hours later I realized nothing was happening! soo... I went on the computer and can't spell anything! Now I want to (finally) post some pics (Now let's see how that goes/went?!)

This is Carlos or as I call him in this picture... RICO SUAVE!!!! He is such a clown sometimes!

This is Carlos's little brother Gucci... yes like the designer. I don't quite know at what he was looking!?

So the little small window there is my bedroom window that is how much snow we have!!

HEY LOOOK!! A dirt path NOT man-made! (no seriously it isn't man-made!!)

Lucki my horse - 2 Christmas's ago!!

Tommy Mom's horse - Also 2 Cristmas's ago!

Josh my brother's horse - YOU can guess when the picture was taken!!

Last but not least Hondo Dad's horse - Guess!!

Ok well those are all the pics for now bye!!


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Kathleen said...

Sun bathing? Are you nuts? Or has it just been such a rough winter you'll take it wherever you can get it, right?
Hey Maddie. Good job on the updates. Keep on writing, dear. We'll probably visit North Dakota this spring (or whenever the boys get there) but then you need to come visit us in Phoenix! Fair?
hugs to you, dear -