Monday, August 31, 2009

I am sincerely sorry!!!!

Hi everyone I wanted to post and say SOOO SOORRRRYYY!!! I haven't posted in such a long time!! But I will tell all about what has gone on in a long time. Here are some pics for you!!!

Jerome ate a hamburger shirt less!!!! HE IS A HOOT!
MOOO.... or whatever noise a buffalo makes!!! a rest stop on the way back home from Billings... J and I had to fe pepe so this is where we stopped we both said no fe pepe la! (no go pee here)

when we finally pulled over j had wet the carseat!!!

HEYY LOOK!! Its Tiffani Watkins carring a stroller down the stairs with Alder at the airport in billings!!!!
We went to Theodore Roosevelt National Park on our way to Billings, MT to greet the Watkins bringing their kids home!

We watched a crop duster fly over head and if you think those little things are trees then you are right!
We all went to this place in bismarck, I think it was designed especially for boys!!!!

The boys got baptized on Fathers Day!

Jerome figured out how to jump on the trampoline avec dloh!!! He and R always chant Jump on trampoline when they are jumping on the trampoline.

And I do not have pictures but... Our 2 sheltie puppies turned 1 yr on august 5th and pebbles our 5 yr old rotti mix is dying of lymphoma cancer! :c She will be missed severely!!! I have to go and feed the horses now but I will post soon!!

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