Monday, June 8, 2009

Hi (again)

Ok so the other day I told you I got braces June 3rd well I didn't. My brother did, I get mine July 21st.

In my last post i told you about the closet and boys well I have some pics now so here they are they are cute:

Jerome decided to not want a picture at all. He thought i was going to scare him!!!


Kathleen said...

Good morning, Maddie. Auntie Kathleen is such an Urban Amish woman it takes me ages to figure out how to respond to your blog posts. Finally got it nailed (I think).
You haven't posted in some time...I want to hear what's exciting in North Dakota. I DID hear that it snowed a while ago...crazy, isn't it? Snow? In June?
Update me!

Madison said...

Ok Auntie K,
Well it did snow and I didnt like it and I will post some more later and get you updated. Life has been soo crazy around here i barely get the chance to post and now i will.