Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jerome's Dance..... And other odds and ends

So just a couple of minutes ago i started filming Jerome with our built in web cam on our computer. When he finally realized I was filming he started jumping and dancing all over the place. Then I remembered he had a dance the he showed us last night which outta the ordinary. I had him do his "dance" on the video. All I can say now is watch and laugh!

This upcoming Saturday is a birthday party for Richnigthder (he was also in the vid). We invited our friends The Watkins' who also adopted 2 lil' ones from the same orphanage as our boys were from. I would like to see Jerome teach them his dance... We could put all the little Haitians in grass hula skirts and coconut bras when they do the dance. Now that is what I call, video worthy, CUTE!!

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