Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So right now I am downstairs escaping chaos.... a.k.a Patty is here. :( yup that is right Patty Robinson our social worker for the adoption she is sooo anoying and she called mom one dad to tellher about her cucumbers and that was the complete point of the phone call. So she now has the nickname "Pickle Patty" haha!! I call her "Patty Le Peu" I don't know why but I do though. In other "Laurie News" I got new shoes and my HUGE feet measured and turns out in ND you cant get a size 11 1/2 womens in sneakers. So I went over to the mens section and found a nice pair of white and blue sneaks and they are like monsters! The didn't have 10 1/2 but like they did have 9 1/2 that work but not for to long!!! So and when I put them on the boys the looked like Steve Urkle LOL!!!!!!! Now this morning we all woke up to a fresh blanket of snow! YEAH (NOT)!!!!It is like all gone now BOOO HOOO:( (YES(:) lol well I have to go I will talk and post later bye bye!!!

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