Sunday, April 10, 2011

PROM!?!? Or Freak Show??

I know I was turning this into a recipe blog but mom insited I post this. Last night one of my best friends wanted me to go and watch 'the Grand March' at her prom. I thought that meant we would go to her school, stand there, and watch everyone walk into the school for prom, then leave. Boy, was I wrong. She also invited another friend of ours whom I am going to ask later today what she thought about it. This is how it all went down....... We got to the school and tons of people were already there, practically the whole darn school. We went into the gym (The gym? What? Why would prom be in a GYM?) and sat in the stands with the tons of other peoples. It was caous for a while! Everyone was yelling and running around and going to see who was there and wearing what and who they were with ect ect ect. . . Finally things calmed down when the annoucer started talking. She was listing sponsors and events going on. Then she said 'And remember, the prom party will be held at Midway Lanes (Our local BOWLING ALLEY!)! The busses will load up as soon as we are all through here.' So, the took busses to the bowling alley for prom, classy. Did they exchange their high-heels for the bowling clown shoes? After that interesting announcement we got to watch the kids walk, no joke, we watched them parade around in their dresses and suits. The announcer would call the girl's name and she would walk out from behind this curtain thingy and then the announcer would call the guy's name and he would come out from behind a curtain on the opposite side of the gym area they decorated. They would meet in the middle and the guy would give a flower to the girl and they would walk down this decorated runway thing and have pictures taken then walk away together. As soon as they got through everyone, everybody joked around by doing odd things like one group of boys carried on girl out who held a sign that said 'CAN WE WEAR SHORTS YET?' and all the boys carrying her had shorts on. Or another example was one boy walked out with two girls and they kissed him on each cheek and he stuck his tongue out to which the old ladies sitting behind said was way to provocative for prom. Hah hah hah hah! Then everyone got up and left. Just left, went home so the kids could get on the BUS and go to the BOWLING ALLEY! Oh, and to top it off, WE PAID TO WATCH THIS!! WE PAID! MONEY, REAL MONEY! NOT MONOPOLY DOLLARS! HAHA! I thought you would enjoy a good laugh!

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Sara said...

I loved your story; what a strange prom!