Thursday, March 12, 2009

Late but not to Late

SO I just posted about the out of MOI and onto Passport Printing well......... RICHNIGHTDER IS OUT OF PASSPORT PRINTING!! SO as soon as his little brother is out of Passport Printing they will be onto USCIS which should take 30 seconds! I wrote a letter to the President and I am going to send it to him tomorrow and I am hoping that he will respond and will be able to help us. I also said that their are many other families in the process and wanting thier children home. I did not drop any names I just gave him the C4C site and I am hoping for it to help!! *APPLAUSE* THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH! So now (thanks to me) we might have some more speed their. Okay so now here are some pics of the boys:

This is Jerome with his sweet little glasses! Doesn't he look so handsome and like a little SCHOLAR!?

Jerome and Richnightder..... Jerome is happy..... And well RIchnightder I think is in a state of SHOCK!

OKay well that is all I have for today Talk to you later! OKAY CIAO!!

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